AU Format and ComboBoxes

Longtime lurker here with a quick question. I’m experiencing a minor, intermittent bug with ComboBoxes in all AU format hosts I’ve tried (GarageBand, Logic, Reaper, Ableton, etc.) - about 25% of the time, if I click on a ComboBox and select a value, the value doesn’t update.

This happens with even the most plain-vanilla, disconnected implementation of a ComboBox, and has no change in behavior if you’re setting parameters notifying host, storing/retrieving parameters via xml, etc. - the glitch is present, random and intermittent regardless.

I’m using the stable Juce 1.51 build and haven’t tested with any GIT builds yet. Just curious if anyone has noticed this or has a fix. Thanks, Juce is amazing!

Ah - the GIT version has moved on so far since 1.51 that there’s really no point in me even looking into this - try it with the latest code and let me know if you still have problems!


Alright, just updated with GIT, going to re-Jucer my project and post back once I’m done updating all the associated code in my plugin. I’ll post back with my findings once I’m done.

Happy to report the bug is gone now that I’ve updated to the latest GIT build. 8)

Sorry to bump this thread again, but it is pertinent to the topic since it is an issue with ComboBoxes in AU plugins. I’ve noticed that sometimes the ComboBox menus lose focus inside a plugin in Logic, thereby rendering any selection the user makes invalid (it simply snaps back to the ComboBox item that was selected previous to the user’s mouseclick.) This also happens (albeit less often) in GarageBand. Something to do with Logic wanting to grab focus away from the plugin window, particularly during playback.

Any ideas or workarounds? This is distinct from the first bug, because it appears as though Logic is actually pulling focus back to its main window, thereby creating the problem.

I’d just like to post that I’ve solved the problem, I needed to add keyboard focus to the ComboBoxes, and have them gain focus on click. Not sure why it was needed, but it helps a lot, improves the reliability of the ComboBoxes by about 200%. Still the occasional selection that gets missed, but it’s very rare.