AU & Logic X & MultiOutSynth, no stereo outputs for multichannel


So I’m trying to get MultiOutSynth-example-based project to work in Logic X as an AU. For some reason logic won’t accept 16 stereo output-mode. Mono, Stereo, 1 stereo + 15 mono outputs or 16 mono outputs work. I need 16 stereo outputs. I’m still using Juce 2.4.2, and I’ve tried all kinds of stuff, for example setpreferredbusarrangement to return false everything else except stereo channel set, and in which case Logic tells me initialization failed for the plugin. I’ve tried tricks from the forum like enabling surround-mode and stuff but it won’t help. Any ideas?

I also create the buses as stereo-sets but it won’t help. I’ve tried other types as well but it’s always the same. main bus is stereo and the following are all just mono, that’s only way it works. I’m on MAC OS X El capitan 10.11 and Logic X 10.2.4…

The AU works just fine in Reaper. :expressionless:

EDIT: Ok I got this to work. For some reason Logic doesn’t let me insert 16 stereo output instrument right away but if I create an empty track and THEN insert the instrument in it as a 16 stereo output, it works!!! What on earth, logic!??!?! :smiley:

I’ve come across this as well. Not sure why this is necessary.