AU parameter automation issue with setValueNotifyingHost

For MacOSX AU when I call setValueNotifyingHost in a component, the parameter automation is not recorded in either Ableton or Logic (but does work in Reaper for some reason).

For example, in Ableton running my plugin as AU, I see the little caret in the Ableton GUI parameters panel move around when I call setValueNotifyingHost but the red recording dot does not appear when Ableton is set to record.

Curiously, if I setup a slider attachment and create a slider component for the same parameter, automation is recorded properly and plays back but ONLY if I move the slider.

Why does the slider attachment work but setValueNotifyingHost does not?

By the way, my implementation of setValueNotifyingHost works in the VST, VST3 and iOS AUv3.


You modified setValueNotifyingHost()? How does your code compare with the original JUCE version?

You have to call beginChangeGesture before setValueNotifyingHost and endChangeGesture after. Usually with slider call beginChangeGesture on mouseDown, setValueNotifyingHost in mouseDrag and endChangeGesture on mouseUp.


@JussiNeuralDSP ahaa! Ok I’ll try that. Thanks a lot.

@HowardAntares I don’t modify it, I meant the implementation of it in my code. Sorry for the confusion.

@JussiNeuralDSP I’m feeling really dumb now, that fixed the issue. Thanks very much ! This forum is a godsend