AU plugin link problems

Hi to all.
I’m having some problems linking my AU plugin made with JUCE 1.30.

I use XCode 2.1 with Mac OSX 10.4.3 under Mac Intel.

JuceAU example builds up without problems. I’m using the same project properties for my plug.

Here it is the Link report:
Undefines symbols:

The symbol with IO are used in juce_Mac_Network.cpp

Couldyou help me?

I’ve found the problem myself, but now I have another one.

The AU host doesn’t load my plug. I need to debug to find the bug, but I don’t know how to do this because I’m new to Mac and XCode.

Any suggestions?

It’s not too hard to do that in xcode - you just set the host app as the executable, and launch it from xcode. Then when you load the vst, you can set breakpoints.