AU plugin shows wrong number of input channels in Ableton Live

I am using JUCE v6.0.8 and Ableton Live 11. When I add my plugin to a track I see that the number of input channels is read as 9, even though the track is stereo. This only happens in AU format in Ableton Live, all the other formats and DAWs show up the correct number, 2. I tried it with an empty project and added some debug messages:

getTotalNumInputChannels() = 9
layouts.getMainInputChannels() = 9

This doesn’t happen with JUCE v6.0.4.

I’ve noticed this too. Multi-channel capable JUCE AU plugins will show up with too many channels in Live even if the bus is configured to stereo.

What I don’t know is whether this is a bug in JUCE or in Live? It doesn’t happen in other hosts so I suspect this is a Live bug?

It is definitely a JUCE bug. I get the same 9 channel configuration in Ableton Live 10 with JUCE v6.0.8. And everything works fine with Ableton Live (10 and 11) when using JUCE v6.0.4.