AU validation errors

Sounds like it can't even load the binary, so presumably there's a dependency problem, or architecture mismatch.

Possibly but then why does it load with no problems in Reaper?

Reaper does tricks with child processes to allow it to load plugins with different architectures, that might be the reason.

Possibly, byt that doesn't explain why it works on my development machine but not my Macbook Pro. Both have the same version of OS X and the  same version of Logic Pro.

Hmm, that is odd.. Sorry, nothing else springs to mind..

I have finally solved this issue. My plugin checks for the presence of a valid license file on initialization. If a valid license file is not found, it pops up a message box telling the user that it will be runnning in trial mode. The problem seems to be that, because auval is a command line program, it crashes when the plugin creates the message box. It appears that Logic Pro spawns a copy of auval to scan its plugins, which causes validation to fail. This also explains why Reaper doesn't have this problem, as it does not call auval. Ifter removing the popup, validation works perfectly.

Yep. Yet another reason why I always recommend never popping up any kind of window, especially before the plugin's UI is visible.

TBH I should probably figure out a way of asserting when people do this kind of thing..

I am having an issue with a plug-in by SSL, specifically their new Bus Compressor. Every time Logic starts up it rescan the plugin because I noticed the plug-in version is listed as invalid. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Contact the manufacturer for tech support.