Audio crash on app startup

On my phone (Nexus 4) my app works fine; on my tablet (Nexus 7) it fails.  So I created an emulator for the tablet, hoping it was just a hardware problem, but no it's not.  Same exact APK file, with the appropriate permissions, but doesn't work on one device.

What I'm getting is this:


W/AudioRecord( 1520): AUDIO_INPUT_FLAG_FAST denied by client

W/AudioPolicyManagerBase(   58): getInput() could not find profile for device 80000004, samplingRate 44100, format 1,channelMask 0010

E/AudioRecord( 1520): Could not get audio input for record source 1

E/libOpenSLES( 1520): android_audioRecorder_realize(0xb83aaba0) error creating AudioRecord object

W/libOpenSLES( 1520): Leaving Object::Realize (SL_RESULT_CONTENT_UNSUPPORTED)

F/libc    ( 1520): Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0x00000008 (code=1), thread 1520 (ware.twentyfour)


This happens consistently in the same spot every time.  I don't have a simliar issue on any other platform.

The emulator which replicates the problem is running Android 4.4.2  with an armeabi-v7aimage

Just to clarify: this happens both on an actual device and on the emulator (emulating that device)

The crash is occuring here:

if (check ((*recorderObject)->Realize (recorderObject, SL_BOOLEAN_FALSE)))

​in juce_audio_devices/native/juce_android_OpenSL.cpp line 473