Audio devices: Default vs None


The documentation for AudioDeviceManager::AudioDeviceSetup::outputDeviceName states:

The name of the audio device used for output.
An empty string indicates the default device.

However, setting an empty string actually chooses “None” (no output at all) rather than the default output – at least on my CoreAudio system. Same thing for inputDeviceName.

Is this a bug or a documentation error or is there something else that I have missed?


We also have some issue that sounds similar. Which version are you using?

I think this is a mistake in the documentation. After a bit of investigation, I think that empty names are only interpreted as defaults when calling AudioDeviceManager::initialise. In other contexts (get/setAudioDeviceSetup), an empty device name means that the device is closed.

We’re currently only pushing high-priority bugfixes to develop, with the intention of pushing a bugfix release to master in the very near future. I expect that this documentation fix will reach develop shortly after this bugfix release.

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I’ve updated the docs for these functions here: