Audio fail problem on iPhone

this is on the tip code. likely bug TBD.

i have a ipod 2nd gen and an iphone 3g. creating a device manager and then calling `playTestSound’ works on the ipod and not the iphone. it also fails on the iphone 4s.

after some investigation i found something. it’s related to opening without requesting input channels:

deviceManager.initialise(0, 2, 0, true, String::empty, 0);

if i change to this

deviceManager.initialise(2, 2, 0, true, String::empty, 0);

everything works.

Did you get that the right way round? I’d have thought that on an old iPod without an audio input, you’d need to request a device with 0 input channels for it to work?

I noticed this also for the ipad 2.


it appears it needs 2,2 to work on all devices. 2,2 works on the old ipod i have as well as 0,2, but 0,2 does not work the other iOS devices i have tried.

i dont know what’s really going on here, whether these numbers represent a request for services or whether they represent a requirement. maybe 0,2 means “find a device with no input and 2 outputs”, but there isnt one. only one with 2 inputs and 2 outputs. dont know.

however, i can report that requesting 0,2 on iphone, where it doesnt work, the call to `initialise’ does not return any kind of warning or error string.

I made a change a week ago that may be relevant to this… (either as a possible fix or cause, depending on whether you’re using the latest version!)