Audio Format Writers

Hi guys,
how about implementing some AudioFormatWriters?
Right now we have this situation, correct me if I’m wrong:

  • AiffAudioFormat: reads, writes (no 32 bit floating point option, just int?)
  • WavAudioFormat: reads, writes (no 32 bit floating point option, just int?)
  • FlacAudioFormat: reads, writes (16 and 24 bits)
  • OggVorbisAudioFormat: reads, writes
  • LAMEAudioFormat: reads, writes, needs external dependancy
  • MP3AudioFormat: reads, doesn’t write
  • QuickTimeAudioFormat: deprecated? Anyway: reads, doesn’t write, needs external dependancy
  • WindowsMediaAudioFormat: reads, doesn’t write, Windows only
  • CoreAudioFormat: reads, doesn’t write, Mac/iOS only

It would great if at least the Wav and Aiff formats could write using 32 bits floating point depth. Or maybe I’m misunderstanding the code.
About the other formats, I don’t think that implementing a writer fore the CoreAudioFormat would be an impossible task.

What do you think? Is this something that could be added to your backlog?

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The Wav writer does produce 32 bit floating point. Just use 32 as the bit depth and it will end up as 32 bit float.

This is incorrect as usesFloatingPointData is never read (so even if it were set to true…), nor is the FL32 or fl32 written if that were the case.

Edit: Woops, I read too quickly: thought your statement applied to AIFF only.

ALAC and AAC are open and widespread formats I’m surprised aren’t supported. They’re used all over the place on all platforms, it would be nice to have them available. :slight_smile:

Also, the MP3 format is no longer patent-encumbered, don’t know if the legal disclaimers are still needed…

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