Audio plugin with mono output, split to stereo

Quick question:

I have a an audio plugin that produces a mono output but I want it to be seen by the DAW as a stereo plugin with the same audio in each channel. It seems foolish to ::processBlock twice, once for each channel, when the content is the same. Is there a way I can have the right channel simply point to the floats in the left channel? I tried:

               buffer.getWritePointer(1) = &buffer.getReadPointer(0);

and many similar things but nothing worked.  Should I just iterate throught it and read it to the other channel or is there a better way? Any advice would be appreciated!!

No.. that'd have no effect at all, if the compiler even allows you to compile it without a warning!

You can of course just copy your channel 0 data into channel 1, which wouldn't be a lot of overhead.