Audio rate modulation of parameters


I’m working on a piece of software called Wire.
It is node based and allows realtime shadercode editing etc.
So I thought being able to do these type of shaders for audio too would be awesome and decided to support SOUL live coding.
It’s actually working really well! ( I shall post a video on monday when i’m at my office)
I have a question though: my audio nodes run at audiorate and produce outputbuffers. Is it possible to pass in those buffers to parameters for audiorate modulation? Or do I need to run the graph per sample and update the parameter accordingly?
Or could this be done with streams?

Thanks in advance!

That looks pretty cool!

Yes, at the moment the way parameters are exposed in the patch API only allows you to push new values into them, not give it a stream, but under the hood they’re actually implemented internally as sparse streams, and I’m planning to allow sample-accurate parameter changes in future revisions of the API.

Also coming soon will be the lower-level soul API that sits underneath the patch API, and that’ll allow you to do completely arbitrary sets of in/out streams and events.