Audio stutter

Apologies if this has already been discussed.

When I start playback an audio file with the Juce Demo, then switch to Chrome, refresh a webpage, the audio stutters.

I have tried increasing the process priority, but to no avail.
I have also tried setting the buffer size to the maximum 6912 samples.

Running on Windows 7 on a Samsung rv511 notebook, on what looks like a realtek high definition audio driver.

I can play the same audio file with VLC (at normal priority) without any stutter.

Anyone have any ideas?


Just to confirm that I experience the same problem with the very latest codebase from GIT.

Anyone else have this issue on windows 7?

Telling us the brand of soundcard you’re using is irrelevant, but it’d obviously be kind of handy to say whether you’re using ASIO, WASAPI or DirectSound!

I’m sure some soundcard drivers will struggle when different apps try to share the same device using different driver models. E.g. it might be fine when two apps both use WASAPI, but if one app uses WASAPI and another one uses DirectSound, it may gltich while it figures that out. Some drivers can’t actually do this at all, e.g. mixing Dsound and ASIO is impossible on some of them.

It is not my code - it is the JuceDemo straight from GIT. I ran it in the debugger and found that it is using DirectSound.

But yeah it looks like there are some issues with DirectSound on windows 7, which are completely nothing to do with JUCE. I will try to play with WASAPI.

Anyway sorry for the spam, and keep up the fantastic work!