Audio Tutorial?

I’m looking to learn how to add Audio to a test program just to spice it up. I’ve searched through tutorials and haven’t found anything that demonstrates which classes I need to instantiate and what not. I was wondering if someone could show me some “Hello World Audio” code. Perhaps something like

#include "juce.h"

int main(){

  *Play Audio*

  while (!*AudioStopped*){
  return 0;

Thanks in advance.[/code]

you can find which classes to use in the AudioDemo component in the jucedemo…

also, if you want to first add basic audio file playback to an app, you can use the SimpleAudio classes i made - it makes playing wave files VERY easy. It’s not advanced or flexible, but it may also prove useful (perhaps) for dissection.

My webspace is down at the moment, so the zip link doesn’t work, but i’ve pasted the code (it’s five fairly small files, you can copy/paste them into new text documents and save them as they’re shown) into the thread.

here’s a link to the thread about it.