Audio Unit v3 Instrument with Input

I’m trying to build an Audio Unit v3 Instrument with an input bus. Just by trying the obvious and taking the AUv3Synth example (from JUCE 5.0) and adding an inputBus in the constructor:

AUv3SynthProcessor ()
: AudioProcessor (BusesProperties().withOutput (“Output”, AudioChannelSet::stereo(), true) .withInput (“Input”, AudioChannelSet::stereo(), true)),
currentRecording (1, 1), currentProgram (0)

So far actually not doing anything with the input.
When building, this validates correctly with the auval tool and works as astandalone, but when loaded in a host, there is no sound. Traced it back to the renderCallback in the not being called at all.

Is this a problem of the AUv3 API / implementation on the host / apple side or some problem within JUCE or just me overlooking something?

Thanks for your replies!

Which host are you using?

I’m using the AUv3Host (provided by the latest AUv3 Apple Sample Code) on macOS and iOS and Logic Pro X 10.3.1 on macOS.

OK I’ve pushed several fixes for AUv3s to develop. Please try your AUv3 again and let me know if it works.

Thanks for your replies. Still getting not getting any output when adding an input bus to an Audio Unit v3 instrument. Checked with the lastest commit on the dev branch. Checked on macOS and iOS (Garageband, Logic Pro X, AUv3Host from the Apple Sample Code).

I think it might be a problem with the AUv3 API (or the host-side support?