Audio when SDK > 10


On this page section 8
Android Tablet SDK minimum versions
are described.
For Tablet support the SDK ver. should be 11 or higher (14 or higher is recommended).

If I try to build an audio project for Android with Minimum SDK version greater than 10, then the audio dont work.

This is also the case with the JUCE Demo. If I build with SDK is greater than 10 then “Audio Record” doesn’t work.

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Everything is working fine, it’s just that Android’s permission system is a bit confusing. With newer SDK versions you need to 1. ensure that audio record permissions is checked in the Android exporter settings in the Projucer and 2. request runtime permissions in your app. The JUCE demo does both.

However, if you have installed an older SDK version of the same app (let’s say the default 10 SDK) which does not require runtime-permissions and then upgrade the app to a later minimum SDK version, then getting the audio permissions will silently fail.

You need to either manually (not via adb) uninstall the app or revoke the audio record permissions. Then re-run the demo and go to the audio settings demo which will re-request the audio record permissions.

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Ah, the mysteries of Android…


I can’t get that to work. In the Demo the Audio Recording won’t work. It asks for permission to use the microphone ok and audio settings functions.

Maybe it is because I only have emulators?

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Ahhh yes, audio recording does not work on emulators reliably. You need a real phone.