AudioBlock's numSamples

it seems to me that the initialisation of numSamples is wrong in this constructor and could lead to out-of-bounds access:

 AudioBlock (AudioBuffer<SampleType>& buffer, size_t startSampleIndex) noexcept
        : channels (buffer.getArrayOfWritePointers()),
          numChannels (static_cast<ChannelCountType> (buffer.getNumChannels())),
          startSample (startSampleIndex),
          numSamples (static_cast<size_t> (buffer.getNumSamples()))
        jassert (startSample < numSamples);

shouldn’t it be like that?
numSamples (static_cast<size_t> (buffer.getNumSamples()) - startSampleIndex)

btw I would rather have numberOfSamples as parameter. I don’t really see the use of this constructor as it is. but perhaps I’m missing something, I’m not really used to AudioBlock yet.

Thanks, I’ll get that sorted out.