did anybody here ever manage to get Audiobus ( to work with JUCE?


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I’m interested in it too…

Is there any way to get iOSAudioIODevice->audiounit??
I think this would make Audiobus implementation really easy


It would be great if we could have access to the "AudioTimeStamp" by passing it to the audio IO callback.



any infos on this ?



Too busy with other things to learn about what the AudioBus is or how it works, but if someone wants to send me a suggested patch I'll take a look.

iOS audio apps supporting AudioBus is quickly becoming a new enviroment for audio effects and synths to live in, similar to plugins on the desktop. So I'd love to see this as well (and have received requests from current plugin users for this).

This page might be a good quick read: , especially the "Adding Audiobus Filtering Capabilities to an Existing App" section (since Juce can already build for iOS using normal audio IO).

Not sure when I'll have the time to dive into this myself, but when I do, I'll share what would need to be done in Juce to make it work...


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A friend of mine just forwarded me this Retronymns blog post as an example of getting inter-app audio and AudioBus running. I'm just digging into this now but it looks great, and even has an Xcode project included! Thought it might be useful to you guys:

Has anyone managed to get audiobus or interapp audio working? I'm just now getting back to this on my project and wondering if anyone has had any luck thus far.

I believe you will never be able to support inter app audio (nor Audiobus 2) with the current Juce's audio implementation (which is still based on AudioSession).

The first step would be to rewrite JUCE::iOSAudioIODevice using the AVFoundation framework.

In addition to this, inter app audio and Audiobus require a few additions to the app's plist.

Well, adding a few things to the plist isn't a big deal. Audiobus basically needs you to add 3 things (at least for a sender app): an AudioComponents array, a Bundle display name and a launch URL. While Introjucer doesn't know about those items, it's easy to at least add those in Xcode and then  use the Custom Plist field in Introjucer. 

So what is specifically missing from AudioSession that is needed?

AudioSession is not missing anything per se, it's just completely deprecated (since iOS 7).

As I already said,  Juce's implementation needs a full rewrite based on AVAudioSession.


And annoyingly, the newer APIs weren't available until fairly recently, so it's all at the tricky transitional stage where supporting both APIs would be necessary :(

Ah yes, all of the dreaded yellow triangles make sense now. That's annoying huh :(

Jules, how big of a job do you expect this is, and is it something you were planning to address soon?



It's on my to-do-list.. Probably not a huge job, but also can't promise how soon it'll be.

Plus,  AVFoundation doesn't fully support iOS 5. Yeah I know, iOS 8 is on the way and supporting iOS 5 seems like an awkward thing to do, so just a heads-up.

FYI, AudioBus themselves dropped support for iOS 6 because they found that only 7% of their users were still on it. This ain't Windows -- people don't expect to be using mobile OSs that are two versions behind.

Yeah, I know. I'm in the Audiobus forum since day one.