Function getAvailableCDNames () in AudioCDReader class does not work in user mode on windows.

i am using windows xp.

Hmm - that’s interesting. I’ve not looked at the CD stuff for a long time. Too busy to try it right now, but is it failing in the CreateFile call?

It fails in FindCDDevices (CDDeviceInfo* const list,int maxItems) as this call returns zero items.

Well ok, but that’s not very helpful - it must be failing at some point inside there, perhaps during the CreateFile call?

It fails in CreateSCSIDeviceHandle where it is not able to create file for that drive. i checked GetLastError() which return error number 5 which is access denied.

Right. If access is denied in user mode, I wonder how on earth it’s possible to read from the CD?

I’ll look into this when I get time, but feel free to throw clues at me if you find any!