AudioDeviceManager::initialiseWithDefaultDevices windows hang

I’ve got a situation where I’m calling AudioDeviceManager::initialiseWithDefaultDevices and it’s hanging at the line shown. Is this a known/likely situation that I need to deal with …

Digging into it, but any pointers appreciated:)

Do you know which hardware it’s trying to initialise? Are you opening the driver in exclusive mode?

It’d have been the WASAPI one, in whatever the most default mode was. However I’ve rebooted the computer and I can’t repeat the problem. A bit disturbing that there are some times when the initialise call doesn’t bother to return though :wink:

I sometimes get this as well if I’m debugging another WASAPI app in the background and that app is paused. Then any other WASAPI app which tries to open WASAPI will block forever. I sometimes got this when the VS2013 debugger would crash. Then the background WASAPI app was still open in the background and only rebooting would help.

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Ah - that’s a pretty good point. As long as that’s the only issue nothing to worry about … except other developers shooting themselves in the foot.