AudioParameterFloat problem

I signed up for the Intro to Audio Plugin Development course on Kadenze. I had a problem in the 3rd stage of the 2nd part. Xcode cannot identify the specified codes. Can you help me with this. Screenshot attached. Although AudioParameterFloat gets available within modules, Xcode can’t find it when I define it and right click it, then click Jump to Definiton click. What should i do?

I don’t know that course, but the error here is quite obvious. It tells you “No matching constructor” which is spot on, since you call the constructor of AudioParameterFloat with no arguments. If you look at the class documentation of AudioParameterFloat, you see that there are three constructors:

AudioParameterFloat (const ParameterID &parameterID, const String &parameterName, NormalisableRange< float > normalisableRange, float defaultValue, const AudioParameterFloatAttributes &attributes={})

AudioParameterFloat (const ParameterID &parameterID, const String &parameterName, NormalisableRange< float > normalisableRange, float defaultValue, const String &parameterLabel, Category parameterCategory=AudioProcessorParameter::genericParameter, std::function< String(float value, int maximumStringLength)> stringFromValue=nullptr, std::function< float(const String &text)> valueFromString=nullptr)

AudioParameterFloat (const ParameterID &parameterID, const String &parameterName, float minValue, float maxValue, float defaultValue)

And all of them take a parameter ID, a parameter name, some kind of value range specification and some additional optional arguments.

Since this is a very basic C++ mistake, it seems like you are starting with JUCE without any previous C++ knowledge? Personally I’d start with some basic C++ tutorials to get an understanding of the programing language you are working with before taking the next step and learn how to program plugins :slight_smile:

I believe that Kadenze course uses an older version of JUCE, so you might be running into more of these errors as you continue.

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Which doesn’t mean that there was ever a default constructor of AudioParameterFloat though :wink:

A mix of general C++ courses (I am too old to recommend recent ones, but the Cherno on youtube is mentioned a lot) and checking more recent tutorials/courses seem like a good idea.

It doesn’t show any reaction when used with its parameters.

Can you specify

a bit more?

Do you experience a build error, or does it build now but the parameter does not do what you expect from it at runtime? And in any case, what does you updated code look like and what exactly is the error message or the unexpected behaviour that you are seeing? Otherwise it’s a bit different to give you any meaningful suggestion here :wink: