AudioPlayHead simple example needed for noob

I’m very new to c++ and JUCE and was hoping someone could provide a very simple code example of the AudioPlayHead.
I just want to see IS PLAYING, IS RECORDING and IS STOPPED accordingly in a simple VST plugin so I can figure out where I went wrong.
I’d appreciate any help on this.

You can have a look to the AudioPluginDemo :

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Thanks for that. I had looked at this and the InterApp demo which has the same thing. I was hoping there was an option that was a little less codey so I could narrow in on what I’m missing without all the extra stuff those demos have.
Thanks, I will persevere. I’ll get there in the end.

It is literally just copying the contents of the function @lalala linked into your processBlock() method. Only during processing this data is available.

The information is in the struct, in the example called newTime:

if (newTime.isRecording == true)

but be aware, not all hosts provide that information…