AudioPlugin as static library lib.a newbie

Hello everybody!! I’m working with Juce for few months and this is my first topic.

Is there any possibilty to compile AudioPlugin as static library VST on iOS? I have just compiled audio-plugin as static library on iOS, but it’s clear JUCE. Now all I want to do is to make it VST library.

I saw that in the VST wrapper there are no lines about iOS, so I thought that I will change all “#if MAC stuff” to “#if iOS stuff” like for example *NSWindow. And there are no compilation errors with that. But I have still problems with HIViewRef, HIRect objects, because the there are no definitions of that. Are those classes definied in OSX SDK (in cocoa and carbon)? If yes - let me know if these classes are definied in some iOS SDK?

thank You all for the patient for newbie programmer :slight_smile:

Sorry, all a bit confusing… You can certainly take your plugin classes and compile them into an app for iOS, but I don’t understand what you mean about a static library.

I was thinking about compiling audio-plugin as static library for iOS to use this lib for standalone app.

Also I thought that it is the only way to make audio plugins for Auria on iPad? Or is there any other way? Have anybody done something like this :smiley: ?

Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Sorry, I’ve no idea how auria plugins work, but they’re presumably dynamic libraries, not static.