AudioPluginHost not forwarding output parameters from Processor


I’m using the juce AudioPluginHost to host a vst3 plugin built using the vst3 sdk only.
I noticed that recent versions of the AudioPluginHost will make the parameter connection from the processor to the controller to fail.

I use the following code on the processor side:

int32 index;
IParamValueQueue* queue =
    data.outputParameterChanges->addParameterData (output_param.mParamId, index);
if (queue) {
	queue->addPoint (0, output_param.mValue, index);

And I expect it to trigger a setParamNormalized(...) call on the controller side

This works properly when using a AudioPluginHost built from a juce version 7.0.5 or below, but any version above (including latest develop) will fail in that regard.

Does this mean this type of connection is not supported anymore, or is this a bug ?