AudioPluginProcessor Destructor Etiquette

I noticed the destructor for the demo plug-in's editor doesn't do any clean up/nulling of the UI components.  I assume this is correct because the editor's child component's are deleted later with deleteEditor... deleteAllChildren.


Is there anything the destructor can/should do, like remove listeners?  I'm having a tricky time tracking down a problem with my 64-bit AU (hosted in Logic X, AU Lab) eventually crashing when closing my editor, while spinning through internalHierarchyChanged.  I suspect a deleted/dereferenced/dangling pointer somewhere but it's really difficult to track down...




In the demo plugin, all the UI components are member variables or ScopedPointers, so it all just gets deleted automatically. You can obviously manage the lifetimes of your comps in any way you like, but there's probably not much need to null anything or remove listeners in most cases.