AudioProcessor Position Change

Would an audioprocessor expect/receive any information to the playback position other than calling getPlayHead during the process block function ?

For example around the time of prepareToPlay ?

Also would a plugin expect the playback position to change between calls to processblock without prepareToPlay being called.

I.e. could a user change the position in the DAW by clicking on the ruler and would the AudioProcessor recieve any notification other than deducing it from recording the position from getPlayHead in each processBlock

No, the only time that the playhead info is available is during the process callback. A DAW may not even have a timeline at the point when it calls prepareToPlay().

thanks jules. pretty easy to keep track just wanted to make sure I hadn’t missed something.

Nice library btw. Well worth the licensing fees IMO.
I keep going to implement something then reading the docs more and finding you’ve already thought of it.