AudioProcessorEditor::setScaleFactor called multiple times with different scale (VST3)

When I launch my VST3 plugin (in the AudioPluginHost), the GUI first displays at a small size (parent window is partly black) and then flashes to the correct size, filling the window.

JUCE 7.0.2. Windows 10.

I have debugged and seen that AudioProcessorEditor::setScaleFactor() is called multiple times with a different scale, like this:

00:00:40.027 156: setScaleFactor 1.000000
00:00:40.028 343: setScaleFactor 1.500000
00:00:40.030 215: setScaleFactor 1.000000
00:00:40.052 984: setScaleFactor 1.500000

So the GUI is first being drawn at 1.0 size, then 1.5 size (which is apparently the correct size for the display settings)

The display settings on my Windows 10 machine are:
Screenshot 2022-12-01 084255

Is there anyway to avoid the ugly flash of the GUI being first drawn at the wrong size?