AudioProcessorGraph and AudioPlayHead

Hi Jules,

When adding nodes to a graph, I have to manually set the play-head… therefore had an idea; what if the graph supplied the play-head to each node on their creation so that all of them share the same one? I’m certain that it would be strange design to utilize multiple play-heads in one application, and setting different ones to various processors in one graph…

Something like this:

AudioProcessorGraph::Node* AudioProcessorGraph::addNode (AudioProcessor* const newProcessor, uint32 nodeId)
    //[Various code]

    newProcessor->setPlayHead (getPlayHead()); //Ajoût içi

    Node* const n = new Node (nodeId, newProcessor);
    nodes.add (n);

    n->setParentGraph (this);
    return n;

Hmm… seems sensible, thanks, I’ll have a think about that.