AudioProcessorGraph Force Latency Update Request

I am trying to use an AudioProcessorGraph with latency compensation with (internal) AudioProcessors that occasionally can change their latencies by calling setLatencySamples(). I’d like the graph to update while its running (even if this might produce some clicks).

It appears there is currently no way to do that. From what I can tell the graph does not check the node latencies until buildRenderingSequence() is called bythe AsyncUpdater. As I know when my nodes (very infrequently) change latencies, I’d like to have a way to force a buildRenderingSequence() call for the graph. However buildRenderingSequence() and the AsyncUpdater are private and I see no way to call triggerAsyncUpdate() from the outside.

I found an ugly hack: calling removeConnection(-1) calls triggerAsyncUpdate(), but that’s kind of ridiculous. Is there a way to make the graph update? Could there be one? Have I just overlooked something?

Check out my previous thread: AudioProcessorGraph PDC and changing latency


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Thanks! Not sure why I couldn’t find that thread!