AudioProcessorGraph parallel processing



I am new to JUCE framework. I am building my own host application.
I need something like channel strip that can be built using AudioProcessorGraph
I want each ‘virtual’ channel to have it’s own graph.

My question is, probably stupid - is it a good way to write own ‘clone’ of
AudioProcessorPlayer with an array of AudioProcessorGraphs and mix them inside audioDeviceIOCallback method ?

the thing i am confused with are midi messages which are processed in ‘audioDeviceIOCallback’ method.
My design assume that each channel strip has it’s own midi input. So would be nice to have an array of midi inputs as well.

Maybe this will explain more:

Channel strip (actually an array of them):

Midi input (something on top that accepts messages from sequencer or external midi controller - each midi input acts as a ‘separate host’ with ability to dynamically plug midi controller to chosen strip)


VSTi instrument or internal instrument


VST effects


Audio output

I need separate midi input for each strip because i want to assign each midi channel to corresponding VST fx in line.

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Ok i rethinked it by night and i can do it within one graph. Sorry i bothered you :slight_smile: