AudioProcessorGraph Tweaks

Added some override and noexcept specifiers, overrode setNonRealtime() and setPlayHead() for AudioProcessorGraph. I've also removed the redundant AudioProcessor parameter-related implementations from AudioProcessorGraph.

Edit: I've no idea what the hell happened, but a paste into a code style thing removes nearly all the separating lines! (I'm using the latest Chrome).  Oh, and I can't upload the files on an edit: "The file could not be uploaded." Also, I can't upload any code file on a reply: I'm limited to these extensions - txt png jpg pdf gif. (Grr..)

You can find the changes here:


Thanks Joel! Yeah, the code block thing in the forum isn't very good for long snippets, although on OSX doing a cmd-shift-paste does seem to handle the lines correctly. Not sure if there's an equivalent on Windows.