AudioProcessorGraph: When processors are instantiated within the graph, do their editors become child components of the graph's editor?

Hey all,

I’m building an AudioProcessorGraph FX chain based on the cascading plugin effects tutorial:

My desire is to have each individual processor within the graph have its own editor within the main gui window (that is, of the graph FX chain), displayed when the corresponding combobox selection is made. My current solution to this is to pass a slot position int through the child processor’s constructor to tell it to what degree it should be offset from the main component’s 0,0 position.

However, in order for this to work, I am trying to understand whether or not the individual processor’s editors are implicitly children of the main editor when they are declared as part of the graph. If this is the case, I am assuming I can use the a setBounds function to offset this and make it appear in the right position (assuming its position in the graph dictates its position in the gui from left to right).

If it is not implicitly a child, how do I make the main editor visible to the indidual processor’s editors such that I can set the relative bounds?