Just cleared up a misconception I had regarding the AudioProcessorListeners:

Since it is the case the setParameter doesn’t invoke sendParamChangeMessageToListeners(), I am wondering what the recommended way to update the UI when the host changes a parameter is?

I mean … I can certainly put a changeListener in there … but it seems like this is what the AudioProcessorListeners should be used for (that is … letting the host know if editor changes the parameters … but ALSO letting the UI know if the host changes the parameters … no?).

Anyway … just looking for the cleanest way to keep both UIs updating smoothly.

Currently, I’m putting sendParamChangeMessageToListeners() at the end of my setParameter() method … but I’m sure this is not advised.

hmmm … so thinking about parameters changing in an audioProcessor … there seem to be three situations:

1 - the parameter is changed through the editor UI … it should call setParameterNotifyingHost() … which sends an asynchronous changeMessage to the Host … which updates it’s UI if needed.

2 - AudioProcessor changes a parameter internally … and also calls setParameterNotifyingHost(). In this scenario, the Host receives a notification as above. If the UI is registered as a AudioProcessorListener, it also receives a notification.

3 - The host changes a parameter … here we appear to be out of luck, since the host will just use the setParameter method … the UI won’t know anything has changed, and will NOT update. Of course, we can install a changeListener/Broadcaster … which seems redundant, but works out.

Hey Aaron,

I’ve had good luck just using a Timer to periodically scan the AudioProcessor for any updates. The JuceDemoPlugin does it this way:

void JuceDemoPluginAudioProcessorEditor::timerCallback()
    JuceDemoPluginAudioProcessor* ourProcessor = getProcessor();

    AudioPlayHead::CurrentPositionInfo newPos (ourProcessor->lastPosInfo);

    if (lastDisplayedPosition != newPos)
        displayPositionInfo (newPos);

    gainSlider->setValue (ourProcessor->gain, false);
    delaySlider->setValue (ourProcessor->delay, false);

There is a small lag, but it isn’t very noticeable. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Nah, the ChangeListeners work well and are faster I expect.

I realized after the fact that APListeners are synchronous anyway, so I needed to install change listeners for all kinds of things.