AudioProcessorValueTree::SliderAttachment for 2 Parameters?

I want to use the same slider to control 2 parameters based on the value of a another switch parameter, so if the switch is off, the slider shows/edits parameter A, and if the switch is on, the slider shows/edits parameter B.

There does’t seem any obvious way to do this.

Has anyone played around with anything like this?

Easy way, just use the toggle state of the button as a flag.

void yourComponent::buttonStateChanged (Button* b)
    if (b->getToggleState();)
       slider.setValue (firstValue, dontSendNotifcation);
       slider.setValue (secondValue, dontSendNotifcation);

void yourComponent::sliderValueChanged (Slider * s)
    if (controlButton.getToggleState())
        firstValue = slider.getValue();
        secondValue = slider.getValue();

Thanks but won’t the SliderAttachment interfere?

Sure, you can also just use two sliders and use the button to change their visibility.

Yeah, that’s the first thing I tried, but there’s a flicker. The value changing and the visibility changing are not synced.