AudioProcessorValueTreeState::Parameter modify steps?

Is there no way to change the steps of an existing AudioProcessorValueTreeState::Parameter?

I want to give my users the choice of either continuous or stepped values for a specific parameter, but it looks like there’s no way to change the steps once it’s created. There’s a getNumSteps() method but no setNumSteps().

It would probably have to modify the range parameter of a slider attachment as well if it exists.

I added this:

void AudioProcessorValueTreeState::setParameterRange(juce::StringRef paramID, NormalisableRange<float>newRange)
    if (Parameter* p = Parameter::getParameterForID (processor, paramID))
        p->range = newRange;

But I also need to modify the range of the SliderAttachment, which doesn’t look very accessible from the AudioProcessorValueTreeState. I guess I could do that separately in my editor, but it would be nice to make the change in one place. Anyone?

Wouldn’t you also need to inform the host that the number of steps of the parameter has changed? Do hosts support this?

I suppose so. That’s why I’m asking for this functionality to be added because I’m sure there are some things I’m missing.