AudioProcessorValueTreeState range values

I am having trouble with my range values when using AudioProcessorValueTreeState sliders (I am using RotaryHorizontalVerticalDrag sliders). The only one that displays correctly is the one in the middle ‘IRLength’. The other two just display as inactive with a max range of 1.

I managed to get the slider to at least work with the lowest value of the max value at 0.01, however, it also seems that the interval is locked at 0.01, so I can’t hit the small values in-between and the slider goes from 0.00 to 0.01 (nothing in-between). Perhaps this is a limitation of using the SliderAttachment class (maybe I am missing something here)? Which would mean having to use scaled values which are modified by the ratio before using in a calculation?

I can’t seem to find a way to increase the interval on the sliders. It seems to be set at two decimal points (I guess this is directly related).

Any help is greatly appreciated.

std::make_unique<AudioParameterFloat> ("IRSilence", "IR Start Silence", 0.0001f, 0.0025f, 0.0004f),
std::make_unique<AudioParameterFloat> ("IRLength", "IR Length", 0.0005f, 6.0f, 1.0f),
std::make_unique<AudioParameterFloat> ("IRTail", "IR Tail Silence (Check)", 0.0001f, 0.0025f, 0.0004f)

Ok, so I resolved my issue by using the NormalisableRange version of the constructor instead.

std::make_unique<AudioParameterFloat> ("IRSilence", "IR Start Silence", NormalisableRange<float>(0.0001f, 0.0025f, 0.0001f, 1.0f, true), 0.0004f),