AudioStreamAAudio::getTimestamp segmentation fault

hi, i got this error when running my app in Android Studio.
JUCE 7.0.4
Android Emulator API 30

I’ve been trying to make my media player app run indefinitely, I’m aware there are several posts and suggestions on this matter:

And so I’m been trying to modify the to start a foreground service (onCreate), which also requests a wake lock.
I get the expected foreground service notification and all.

the app ran for around 15 hours? then the error as screenshots above happened.

does anyone have idea whats happening? Im still learning about the android architecture/libraries and know little about the JNI. (alot of new stuff to me). Is the Android system still killing the app or some dependent processes…?

also you guys know of any other approach to this ‘longevity’ test? its just a pain to test this by running it overnight every day.

thanks in advance.

just a wild guess does this have to do with a bug in oboe 1.6.1 which got fixed in 1.7.0?

  • Fixed an issue with AAudio segfaults if closed while reading or writing (#1497, Fixes #1484)

if so, how easy is it to upgrade the oboe? can a straight up copy and paste work? i will try it anyways soon…