AudioThumbnail anti-aliasing


First off - great job on JUCE. I have been able to go from zero to a multi-platform audio player app in days, pretty amazing!

I’m using AudioThumbnail to provide a soundcloud-style waveform view to seek/scrub through a playing song. Here’s what the working version looks like so far:

The whole song is shown in the AudioThumbnail (like the demo audio player example) and I’ve noticed that there is quite a bit of aliasing on the waveform. It is hard to see in the above screenshot but when you stretch it wider it becomes very apparent. I have customized the AudioThumbnail::CachedWindow::drawChannel call quite a bit but any drawing work arounds do not address the underlying issue of aliasing, which I think would need to have some kind of anti-aliasing applied to the underlying AudioSource, or perhaps in LevelDataSource or ThumbData?

Any hints on how to address this? Potentially using a ResamplingAudioSource to downsample the audio first?