I have currently got an Audio player with pitch, gain, track bar, play and pause. I wish to add a graphical representation of the track loaded into my FilenameComponent so the track bar will sit under it.
I had a quick look around and found the audio juce demo and the AudioThumbnail class.

I am quite new to juce so my abilities are still in the learning phase :slight_smile: Please bare with me.
I am struggling to get the thumb nails to work.

in my header file :

AudioThumbnail *audioImage; AudioFormatManager *formatManager; AudioThumbnailCache *thumbnailCache;

then in my cpp:

thumbnailCache = new AudioThumbnailCache(2); audioImage = new AudioThumbnail (512, *formatManager, *thumbnailCache); audioImage->setSource(???audio file???); //not sure what goes here :-)

i assumed the replacement for ???audiofile??? would be —currentAudioFileSource— from below :

[code]void Player::filenameComponentChanged (FilenameComponent* filenameComponent)
// this is called when the user changes the filename in the file chooser box
File audioFile (filenameComponent->getCurrentFile().getFullPathName());

	// unload the previous file source and delete it..
	transportSource.setSource (0);
	deleteAndZero (currentAudioFileSource);
	// create a new file source from the file..
	// get a format manager and set it up with the basic types (wav, ogg and aiff).
	AudioFormatManager formatManager;
	AudioFormatReader* reader = formatManager.createReaderFor (audioFile);
	if (reader != 0)
		currentFile = audioFile;
		currentAudioFileSource = new AudioFormatReaderSource (reader, true);
		// ..and plug it into our transport source
		transportSource.setSource (currentAudioFileSource,
								   32768, // tells it to buffer this many samples ahead
	totalPosLength = transportSource.getTotalLength();
	//std::cout << "totalPosLength =" << totalPosLength << "\n";
//	sampleLength = totalPosLength;
//	std::cout << "sample length =" << sampleLength << "\n";
	AlertWindow::showMessageBox (AlertWindow::WarningIcon,
								 T("Couldn't open file!\n\n"));

Then in void Paint () I have:

audioImage->drawChannel (g, 10, 10, getWidth(), getHeight(), 0, audioImage->getTotalLength(), 0, 1.0f);

Sorry if I am totally off track :slight_smile: Like I said I’m pretty new to this :slight_smile: