AUs hiding each other


I just realized that my AU binaries hide each other, meaning that when I have multiple of my plugins installed, only one of them shows to the host. I suspect there is some kind of identifier clashing, but I can not figure out wich one. Another possibility might be that i'm linking to the same library (would not make much sense thought). I'm using XCode 5 and building universal binaries. It happens in debug and release mode.

Any ideas? Do you need more information?





It's the plugin manufacturer code + plugin code that will make the difference, so they will definitely have different IDs. Maybe try playing with auval and see what you can find out about them.

thanks very much :) I did not even know of this tool. seems like the values get somehow overriden. 

aufx Plug Manu  -  audioD3CK: ST-R.I.P 

JUCE v3.0.4

thanks again! cheers. i guess it shoul be:

aufx SRIP D3CK




ok, a simple clean and rebuild did it. so if you change the info in the introjucer you have to manually clean the build files, thought it seemed like xcode did it itself, i had to do it again.