Automating creation of plugin installer package

Having some issues with creating a post build script to automate creation of the an installer pkg for a plugin.

Prior to having to notarize the pkg, my work flow for creating a package was in Xcode to archive all, then once complete to open Organizer and export the built products and from there copy to a folder where I’d run Packages and generate the .pkg etc

Problem I’m having now is that if I build->archive all, I’m finding if I follow the simlink in the products build/Release folder they point to nothing.

If I set “Deploy Location” to “Yes” and also set “Installation Directory” correctly and also “Skip Install” to “No”, I still don’t have a ‘.component’ file, either at the destination of the simlink in build/Release or at the installation directory I set.

With product->archive, it seems that deployment is skipped, regardless of the xcode settings and the .component will only be created at the point you export via Organizer.

Am I right here? Would be good to know if there is a way to go from product->archive and have the various plugin files available at the set installation directory so that you can run a script and have Packages bundle them into the pkg file.

Any help appreciated!

Ok, so figured it out.

Seems that when you build->archive, the .component etc files are moved out of the build location and into the archive, ready for Organizer to export, so the simlink in build/Release will point to nothing. During a normal release build, this doesn’t happen. Setting “Skip Install” to “Yes”, will mean that the simlinks to .componet etc in /build/Release will still be pointing to the intermediate builds, which will not have been moved out during install.