AUv3 Crash on OS X

I’m getting a crash from line 189 in ‘’ in the destructor ~NSViewComponentPeer. It’s being caused by [window setContentView: nil]. This is triggered by selecting a popup menu from a ComboBox then releasing the mouse.

It only affects the AUv3 version of my plug-in. VST, VST3, AAX, AU, and a stand-alone app all work fine.

This problem has been noted in several AUv3 hosts, so is not related to a specific host.

I’m using JUCE 5.2.1, developing on Sierra, targeting El Capitan.

I’d like to just comment line 189 out ( this seems benign ) but I’m wondering about unintended consequences.


Are you overriding showPopup()? If I remember correctly for AUv3 you have to make sure any popup menus (which combo box uses) are a child component rather than a separate window. Maybe this is the cause? See here for more details PopupMenu not showing on AUv3 plugin

Good idea, but I think that post is more about iOS and my trouble is in OS X. Still searching…

Perhaps I spoke too soon. Commenting out the //#if JUCE_IOS fixed this problem in OS X too.

Since we’re testing for ‘AudioProcessor::wrapperType_AudioUnitv3’, this seems benign as it should not change VST, AU, and AAX performance.

Solved !

Thank you.

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Where was the #if JUCE_IOS you commented out? was it in the framework or in your own code? if it’s in the framework it sounds like something that should be raised with the JUCE team.

Ah I see now in the code that was in the other post.