Auval madness

Hey all,

we don’t want to support 22.050 Hz Samplerate and and odd buffer sizes like 137 in our Plugin. Logic rejects the plugin, if we don’t support these (as can be seen in auval). We would be fine if the plugin just wouldn’t show up, if someone actually were to use a Sample Rate of 22.050 Hz. is there a way of letting Logic / AUVal know, that we willingly don’t want to support these?

Our current workaround is to just no process the audio with any of these settings, but that doesn’t seem really nice.


AFAIK, there is no way to signify this to Logic/Auval. Auval will pass many different buffer sizes and sample rates, and there is no way to disable this to my knowledge. If your plug-in fails Auval, it won’t load in Logic, regardless of sample rate, buffer size, etc.

Keep in mind, it’s also possible for a DAW to send you buffers of any size during playback, provided the size is under the maximumExpectedSamplesPerBlock passed in prepareToPlay(). On Windows, some drivers can even set the buffer size to any random buffer size the user desires. Sample rate can also be changed during a session in many DAWs (the host will notify you through prepareToPlay()). So, your plug-in needs to be able to handle these cases.