AUval mysterious error codes and self closing plugin

I get an error when trying to validate my plugin with auval.
I don’t think it is really JUCE related.

Time to open AudioUnit:         380.903 ms
Time to open AudioUnit:         18.840  ms
FATAL ERROR: Initialize: result: -10868

The VST version works fine in Ableton Live but when I try to open the AU version it does apperently nothing.

It constructs the plugin and then immediately destructs it but I can’t trace back far enough to find out the reason.
I come as far as
CoreAudioUtilityClasses->ComponentBase.cpp OSStatus ComponentBase::AP_Close(void *self) (line 115)
in the debugger in xcode but further than that is just asm.

Not quite sure where to dig next. Any tips?

According to
the error code seems to mean

Now if that is so… why does it think my AU plugin is not supported.

While having the steam up I’ll keep up with this monologue.
I figured it out, it was bad bus layout. As in haven’t made a change since older JUCE version.