Awesome JUCE: A list of open source libraries, modules, plugins, utilities

I always wanted a central place to browse and discover all the amazing projects the community is working on.

So I spent time yesterday cooking one up:

Open a PR or comment here to let me know what I’ve missed/messed up! To kick things off I went through a lot of the juce tag on GitHub but I know I didn’t catch everything.

It updates nightly and (dubiously?) sorts by stars for now. I might make a version that sorts by last updated.



This is super cool! I’ve always wondered how much more there is out there that I’m not aware of… turns out there’s a lot :laughing:

Love the tracking of stars and last updated… wonder if it’d be useful to add number of contributors too? Can help give an indication of whether it’s a someone’s solo passion project, or a community effort.


The end-to-end testing framework would be a good one to add: GitHub - Focusrite-Novation/juce-end-to-end: End to end test framework designed for Juce applications

Under tooling maybe?

Yeah! I was surprised as well!

Yeah, I thought about this (and fork count), but the UI is already pretty cramped and un-designable (it being markdown) that I wasn’t sure how to include. Best idea was something like this, which might be esoteric:


Great one! Added!

Yeah that might be a nice way to add it… although for repos that are owned by an org rather than a user, it might be weird to say “by Organisation (+123)”.
Could it just be an extra line?

Library <br/> <sup>by Organisation</sup> <br/> <sup>123 Contributors</sup>
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would love to have this one of mine added to the UI part , even tho it’s really a tiny thing if compared to lots of repos in the list.

A million thanks for sharing BTW - the testing and bridging part especially can really be a trove of ideas and possibilities!



Great collection, thank you! You could add my OJD to the plugin section

and Resvg4JUCE to maybe Graphics & Video if you like


This is perfect! Added.

Nice! Done! :white_check_mark:

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+1 ; Thanks for that list! :heart_eyes:

Note that the IEMPluginSuite link seems broken.

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Thanks for the catch! Fixed.

I’ve been working on PlugData (some of you may have seen this already), a JUCE wrapper around pure-data to create a better GUI experience, and also have it work as a plugin. It’s free and open-source.

I’m also still looking for people who want to help out, let me know if you’re interested.

edit: I see I’m already on your list, so thanks!


Hey Sudara, nice work on the Awesome JUCE list - would be nice to have our plugins included:

These are fully open source FX plugins … Pull Request submitted!

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I’ve added another ~60 repositories in the last 48 hours thanks to everyone’s help.

There are now 140 open source repositories full of JUCE synthesizers, libraries, effect plugins! Most of them fairly active, updated within the last year.


Nice! Any chance we could make the file a bit more friendly for reading from shell scripts? Either put a # before the comment on the line, after the URL … or maybe put the # comment above the URL? I’m thinking of a:

$ for i in `cat` do ; git clone $i ; done

… -type scenario. :slight_smile:

you could add my open source effect plugin to the list if you think it fits the description “awesome” :3 it is a vibrato plugin where you interpolate between 2 modulation sources to define the vibrato curve. it has a parameter modulation system with macros and drag n drop features that could be extended to other modulation sources. and it has a little options menu with unusual extra features like resizing the internal delay’s buffer size, turning on/off 4x oversampling and lookahead, and changing the interpolation type of the delay

It definitely does!! Pretty interesting sounding effect. I’m into the colors too. Added!

I’ll see what I can do! I decided on space-separated to make it easy on human parsing / pull requesting. For now you could use cut:

for i in `grep https | cut -d' ' -f1`; do echo $i; done

Nice work @sudara! Here’s another DSP one for you:

GitHub - AndrewJJ/ob_HIIR: JUCE wrapper for HIIR resampling library Wrapper class for Laurent DeSoras’ HIIR library for oversampling in JUCE projects

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Added to the list, thanks!

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Made a PR to add my Contrast bundle:

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Btw for the “updated” columns, have you looked at using

You can add a “last commit” badge like so:

![GitHub last commit (branch)](

GitHub last commit (branch)

You can remove the label by overriding it with a space:

![GitHub last commit (branch)](

GitHub last commit (branch)