Basic recorder needed

Hi.  I'm a professional developer with years of experience with C/C++/C# and more, but am new to JUCE and specifically MS VC++.  I need to create a very basic and stable multitrack recorder with the following capabilities:

  • Multiple tracks tied to WAV files with volume and arm on/off, plus a main mix volume
  • Rock-solid metronome runs solo indefinitely or while recording/playing, with an accent beat
  • Ability to add an initial playback delay in ms to a specific track
  • Ability to (later?) add plug-ins to each track and/or the main mix

I've read the JUCE book and have been scouring the demos/forums/web looking for information on the best way to accomplish this but am finding mostly bits and pieces.  I wrote a super simple program with JUCE to get a file loaded and playing with AudioSource but am now researching into the Processor functions so it can support plug-ins at some point and I really need a solid jump-start.

I've noticed a number of mentions in the JUCE forums of members having written multitrack recorders over the years similar to what I need.  I'm willing to pay for solid JUCE code that I can use as a basis to start building my project.  I'm not concerned about a fancy UI at this point, just stable multitrack audio code.

Please send me a message with any questions or suggestions.



Hi Dave,

you might want to take a look at my (old) code for the Choreographer for some bits and pieces. It's a playback engine for a basic sequencer where you can move your sound-sources around in 3d space. The desired sound field is generated via an arbitrary number of speakers, using Ambisonics Equivalent Panning.




Thanks, Samuel.  I'm booting my Mac now and will dig into it for some direction on how to get started!