BDD tools with JUCE?

Hi all

Been working web development for a while now, and in the last few years my workflow often involves the use of Behaviour Driven Development tools, such as Cucumber and RSpec in Ruby world, CucumberJS / Mocha in Javascript world. I personally find it at an invaluable tool for developing API's and user interfaces. Takes a little extra time at the beginning but once set up, saves a heap of time later on, and gives you confidence to do extreme refactoring in that you know straight away which parts of your app have been broken by any changes.

So I started looking in C++ world and found which looks interesting but does not seem to be widely used.

I know JUCE has some unit testing functionality, however I do value being able to run a whole user story for integration tests, written in easy to read language that is seperate to the code. 

I'd be interested to read peoples take on this sort of stuff here. I realise, that certain things are quite hard to test e.g. user turns filter cutoff knob, user hears filtered output.. but for general stuff like loading up, opening files, talking to an API etc I think it can be really useful.