Best practice for radio buttons to communicate with a single AudioProcessorParameter?

What’s the simplest / best way to create a radio group of buttons, so that they all communicate through one parameter, for example an AudioProcessorParameter ?

right now i have buttons set up, but am saving and loading the states of each individual button, rather than the overall radio state.

Don’t know if it’s the best way, but you could create your own component containing a few buttons and call that on each of them :

setClickingTogglesState (true);
setRadioGroupId (999);
addListener (this);

and then if you put all them in a kind of array, you can just do something like that to get the selected index (that would be your “overall radio state”) :

void buttonClicked (Button* b) override
    if (b->getToggleState())
        const int selectedIndex = buttonsArray.indexOf (b);
        // etc.
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