Bidirectional character handling

How can handle language like arabic in juce?

simone falsini

erm - “not at all” is the honest answer at the moment! It’s buried somewhere on my to-do list, though I’ve no idea how much work it’d be.

The last post in this thread is very old.
Are bidirectional languages (e.g. Arabic) now supported?

No, sorry! The TextEditor class needs some serious refactoring so that it can handle things like that, plus other layout options, etc., but it’s quite a big job which I’ve not had chance to do yet.

@note to Jules:
The most important part is the missing ligature support in the Font code. I’ve worked a bit on this in 2007, but never finished it.
Writing right to left is quite easy, but rendering the glyphs so that glyph A followed by glyph B should replace both by a single glyph C, this is complex.