BinaryBuilder question


I just tried the binarybuilder and it worked great, however, is it possible enclose subfolders in their appropriate namespaces in the resulting resource files (h/cpp) ?

eg: you run binarybuilder over a folder with subfolders:







namespace TopFolderResources {

    extern const char* image1_png;
    const int image1_pngSize = 14135;
    extern const char* image2_png;
    const int image2_pngSize = 34635;

    // Our subfolder has it's own namespace

    namespace OtherImages {

        extern const char* image1_png;
        const int image1_pngSize = 58225;



what I'm asking is to be able to use namespaces such as TopFolder::OtherImages::image1_png to make the loading of similar imagenames easier because I know what folder it derive from when not looking at the resulting binaryfile itself



I don't know the answer to your question, but I'm fairly sure you can add binary resources (in separate folders) in Introducer...